• HHammerax Indigo Flat Rideammerax and Grover Pro Percussion
    have reached an agreement which grants exclusive worldwide distribution to Grover Pro.

    “I have admired the Grover brand name  and been a friend of Neil Grover for over 30 years. Grover Pro represents the pinnacle of quality in every product they touch.

    The business model of a single distributor working  with export distributors and dealers is the best way to reach Drummers and Percussionists”, stated John Stannard, Hammerax President.

    Grover’s Founder Neil Grover adds, “Hammerax’s offerings of innovative metallic sonorities blend perfectly with Grover Pro’s pallete of products. The synergy between us is obvious. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce the new Hammerax products into our sales channels”.


    Tobias Ralph Joins Hammerax Artist Team.

    “It has been a wonderous adventure recording Tobias in Hammerax covers of  King Crimson’s Indiscipline and NIN’s Closer. It’s always a great experience to work with an artist that exhibits such effortless mastery of drumming”, said John Stannard, Hammerax President.

    Tobias is using Hammerax Stacks such as Slap, Snapshot and Crash Course as well as other Hammerax bells and FX.




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