Press Release – Danny Carey Joins Hammerax Artist Team


Clearwater, Florida January 23 2014

Contact:  John Stannard, President, Hammerax
Email:    Phone: 727-442-5050

Hammerax has entered into an agreement with drummer Danny Carey to endorse the line of US made Hammerax percussion instruments. “Danny’s work with Tool, Volto, Adrian Belew, and others constitute a landmark contribution to drumming. We are both excited at the musical possibilities of the new, more staccato Hammerax sounds”, stated Hammerax President, John Stannard.

Hammerax has just launched a new line of instruments, many of which feature quick, tight, projecting tone bursts. Some of Danny’s new gear includes Hammerax brands such as SuperCollider, Hazard, Spanky, and Crash Course.

All Hammerax products are 100% USA made.

Videos and information:
US Phone 9 am to 5 p.m. (727) 442-5050


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