Indiscipline 3 Drummers Hammerax


T H E G E A R L I S T :
Bash 8- TOBIAS
Chick Magnet 14-TOBIAS, PAT
Crash Course 11-JIM
Hazard 16-TOBIAS
Indigo 21 Flatride Cymbal-JIM
Liquicy 14 Cymbal-PAT
Screech 14-PAT
Sheer 8-PAT
Slap 11-TOBIAS
Slap 7-JIM
Snapshot 9-TOBIAS (his favorite?)
Spanky 4- JIM (worlds first Spanky solo)
SuperCollider 9-EVERYONE
BoomyWang Wave 18- JIM
Indigo 21″ Flatride- JIM
Liquicy cymbal -PAT
Spike 16- PAT (ouch.)
Snapshot hat- JIM
Mystery Crasher 7″ TOBIAS
LaBlob cymbal-PAT
H Gong 24- TOBIAS
Bwii miracle strip- PAT
Silver Bell 5″- PAT
11:11 Gong 24- “The Voice”
Swiss Cymbals- PAT, TOBIAS
Italian Cymbals-JIM

Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Bill Bruford, Robert Fripp- Composers
Pat Mastellotto- Drums
Jim Black –Drums
Tobias Ralph- Drums
Simon Yu- Video Director
John Stannard- Arrangement, Fretless Guitar, Piano, Vocal
Sergio R. Samayoa- Recording Engineer and Sample Editing
Water Music- Thanks to Rob, Chris and Ernie
Baby Seal- Catering
The MIDI-ING Cartel- Vocal and piano editing

No Processing was used on Drums/Guitars.

Recorded in 2 takes at Water Music Hoboken 2014.
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