Press Release- Hammerax Bash Compact Tone Stacks


Clearwater, Florida October 23rd 2014

Contact:  John Stannard, President, Hammerax

Hammerax Bash Compact Tone Stacks

Hammerax announced today release of Bash brand stacks.

Bash brand percussion stacks kick out a burst of metallic sound similar to closed hats, but with more dynamic range, and a more raw tone. The compact 8″ triple layer stack is as powerful as much larger instruments. Deep hammering increase cutting power.

“Each deep hammer dent acts as a small mallet, creating a burst of complex tone. We torture tested these stacks and we designed them to be powerful enough for the Marching field, and to work in loud rock situations.” , said Hammerax president John Stannard.

Tightness of sound is adjustable. Bash can go from an aggressive roar to a tight click with the turn of a wing nut.

All Hammerax products are 100% USA made.

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Hammerax Bash Tone Stack

Hammerax Bash

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