Press Release – Hammerax Double Drums Kataklasm


Clearwater, Florida October 30th 2014

Contact:  John Stannard, President, Hammerax

Hammerax artists Pat Mastelotto and Tobias Ralph teamed up on a  remix of KTU’s ripping Kataklasm.

Written by Pat Mastelotto, Trey Gunn, and accordian giant Kimo Pohjonen, KTU’s song from the cd Quiver is joined by drum virtuoso Tobias Ralph to showcase the new line from Hammerax.

“Watching these guys perform is is a thriller. They can bury a click or bend time like a spring. I personally loved this piece when it was first released so recording Kataklasm was great to show off the new staccato stacks like Spanky and Knuckles”

Pat began the latest King Crimson Tour these summer. Tobias is presently on tour with Adrian Belew.

All Hammerax products are 100% USA made.

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