Hammerax Vintage Gong Hybrid Collection Revealed


Contact : John Stannard, President, Hammerax

Hammerax Vintage Gong Hybrid Collection Revealed
Tampa Bay, Florida- March 30 2016

Hammerax has opened its archive of vintage bronze gong hybrids.

In 2005 Hammerax began developing the idea of “drummers gongs” -ie bronze gongs which were stick playable and with a more complex, brighter tone. The results were almost a cross between cymbals and gongs. We utilized odd shapes and gave them names like Meanie, Glass, Culebra and Boomywang.

By 2006 artists like Terry Bozzio, Danny Carey, Tomas Haake, Bashiri Johnson, Emil Richards, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Evelyn Glennie, Pat Mastelotto, and Jim Keltner began using Hammerax hybrids to expand their color spectrum.

This look into the Hammerax provides a glimpse into one of the more innovative forces in the world of percussion.

“We want to share more of our early work with drummers around the world. These pieces caused quite a stir when they first appeared. The sounds here are simply not possible in standard cymbals and gongs. There may never be anything like them again”, stated John Stannard, Hammerax president.

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