Hammerax is a small group of craftsmen headed by John Stannard. Born into a family of artists and musical instrument craftsmen, Stannard has been creating instruments since age 4.

Om Percussion

In 1979 John started a chime factory-Om Percussion.
Om inventions include:

Double Row Chime Trees

Chorus tuned chimes

Laminated Temple Blocks

Energy Chimes

None of those products were patented at the time, and have since become standards in the industry. “Back then, I didn’t have much of a legal budget” jokes Stannard.

J W Stannard Company

In 1985 Stannard expanded into the gift industry with JW Stannard wind chimes. Stannard chimes featured “just –intonation” pure tuned wind chimes tuned to ancient scales. JW Stannard company quickly grew to several hundred employees, while still making the Om Chimes for drummers. JW Stannard company was granted over 75 trademarks and 5 patents and was sold in 1999, with Stannard returning to composing until 2005, when research into Hammerax instruments first began.

Hammerax Cymbals and Gongs

Hammerax was launched in 2006 with a series of wildly creative bronze Gong Hybrids such as Boomywang, Glass, and HellBell.

Hammerax soon followed with and astounding innovation:

Liqucy cymbals.

Liquicy feature an unusual wobbling quality where the cymbal appears to move in slow motion. “The Liquicy wobble is more than an “effect” says Stannard. “It gives a beautiful vibrato that works really well in many styles. Liquicy can be heard in an R&B setting played by Marco Giovino in Robert Plants Band Of Joy.

Hammerax 2014- Stacks, Bells and FX

Hammerax launched a new line of crasher instruments at NAMM 2014, with brands such as Crash Course, Slap, and Hazard.

Over a dozen new buzzing rattling innovations now feature slick black colored instruments with bright silver edges and loud, tight sounds were quickly embraced by drum giants such Danny Carey and Tomas Haake. Nearly bullet-proof in strength, the newest Hammerax creations feature a 4 year warranty.

“Each of our stacks have a different tone. Snapshot is smoother, with resembling a high pitched marching snare, where Crash Course is very aggressive. Screech and Hazard are extremely powerful, and Slap sounds similar to very thick, loud hats.

Cymbal Enhancers such as Supercollider and Chick Magnet add zing to Hi-Hats and cymbals with no additional hardware needed.


The latest Hammerax invention features lightweight metal claves of shocking volume, with marked sweet spots. Oval claves feature 2 tones per tube with a surprisingly disturbing tone when both tones are excited.

Hammerax has been granted several patents since it’s inception, with patents pending on all new Crashers and Claves.

All Hammerax instruments are 100% USA made.