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BWEE hand held sheets are made from an extremely flexible bronze alloy which makes a surprising pitch bend when flexed. John Stannard, Hammerax President, stated, “As the metal bends and crosses the center point, a wonderful popping pitch change occurs, which can be used in a variety of musical settings.” BWEE is currently available in two sizes – a 9″ model and an 18″ model.

All items offered by Hammerax are 100% made in the USA. Hammerax is known in the industry for adding new sounds to a drummer’s arsensal. BWEE’s introduction follows Hammerax’s ten year mission of proposing innovation to the music industry. Hammerax FX are endorsed by Danny Carey, Tomas Haake, Will Calhoun, Pat Mastelotto, and many others.

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BWEE9" $25.00, BWEE18" $39.00