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Drummer Jim Black nails down a new song called Flatline, using Flatrides.
Hammerax just invented a new line of Oval and Liquicy Flatrides.

Oval flatrides, in 20″x14″, 22″x18″, and a giant 25″x22″, are darker and have more stick definition than conventional round cymbals.

“There is still a hint of bright highs in these”, said Hammerax president John Stannard. “They record really well.”
A new Liquicy 21″ flatride is also seen here, showing off a profound wobble.

Hammerax also unearthed a small cache of vintage 16″ Indigo Dark Crashes-circa 2008- for the song. A 24″ Liquicy dry ride with a small bright cup act as the brightest ride in the piece. “Jim is in his element here” Stannard said about his short Jazz piece. “He listened to Flatline once- first saying- ‘whats the meter?’  “I answered “One Four “. He then recorded it in one take .”

Black placed a Spanky 4″ stack and a Snapshot 9″ under the Liquicy 21″ to create tight backbeats. Jim also utilized the Flatrides as crashes. “The crash texture and sustain of a Flat is much tighter than a standard thin fast crash”, said Black.


Oval Flatride 20X14:
This is the driest cymbal we have ever created !!!
The stick is very pronounced.
The sustain is extremely short, with a crash tone is that very focused.
This one is capable of extremely tight, fast articulation.
We used the same stick as Jim used in Flatline- an SD10 Swinger.
We used 3 out of 7 possible modular Rivets here.

Oval Flatride 22 X 18
Very dry and dark with a hint of highs. This cymbal records beautifully.
The Oval shape is perfect for Flats- It darkens the tone and increases stick def to a level only found in these new Hammerax instruments.
We used the same stick as Jim used in Flatline- an SD10 Swinger.
We used 3 out of 6 possible modular Rivets here.

Oval Flatride 25×22
Imagine a 25″ cymbal with superb stick definition!
The shorter 22″ side of this monster keeps the cymbal under control
while the 25″ length rumbles with distant thundering lows.
All this is kept in further control by the Hammerax patented
process used here. Ominous and unique… yet highly versatile and useful in many styles.
We used the same stick as Jim used in Flatline- an SD10 Swinger.
We used 3 out of 11 possible modular Rivets here.




Jim Black -Flatride

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INDIGO FLATRIDE 18" $329.00, OVAL FLATRIDE 20"X14" $274.00, OVAL FLATRIDE 22"X18" $329.00, OVAL FLATRIDE 25"X22" $374.00, LIQUICY FLATRIDE 21" $299.00