Hammerax Warranty Policy: All Hammerax instruments are covered by a Four (4) from the date of MANUFACTURE. This warranty applies only to items manufactured after December 31st 2011. This warranty applies only to production models. Prototypes, custom products, and archive items are not covered by warranty.

After one (1) year FROM DATE OF MANUFACTURE, Credit will be reduced in a pro rated system.For example, after 1 year 75% credit will be issued based on purchase price. After 2 years from date of manufacture, 50% credit will be issued. After 3 years , 25% will be issued. After 4 year no credit will be issued.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of a NEW Hammerax product from an authorized Hammerax dealer.  The Warranty is not transferable. In order to qualify for our warranty program, all owners must register their instrument within thirty (30) days of purchase. To register go to
Hammerax will not warranty any instrument that has been altered from the original instrument specifications or abused. Cracks along the edge of the instrument are only covered under warranty if caused by defects of materials and, or manufacturing. All other causes of edge cracks will void the warranty.

Hammerax will not warranty loss or theft.  Hammerax does not warranty dropped, damaged by accident, abuse, negligence, lack of reasonable maintenance, or use other than the instruments’ intended use. Hammerax will not warranty instruments with evidence of damaged or missing mounting sleeve used to protect instruments. Hammerax will not warranty bent , dented or deformed surfaces in instruments. Such bends and dents will void warranty.

  • Hammerax will only replace instrument once during warranty period
  • Warranty exchange order must be placed within 15 days of warranty approval
  • If exact replacement is cancelled or in re-development, customer must decide on equivalent value instrument(s), and place order within 15 days
  • Warranty does not apply to any future orders placed

Should your warranty item be discontinued, Hammerax will work with you to determine the best possible replacement. Process: To receive warranty service, please contact the authorized Hammerax dealer where the purchase was made.  If this is not possible, please contact Hammerax directly via e-mail.  Your authorized dealer and Hammerax will require the following: Provide proof of original ownership by:

  • e-mailing a clear photograph of the sales receipt obtained at time of purchase from an authorized Hammerax dealer
  • e-mailing a clear photograph of the center cup top
  • e-mailing a clear photograph of the underside of the cup, reverse side of an instrument, and a signature.
  • e-mailing a clear photograph of the crack or defect (taking the picture at a 45 degree angle with side lighting to highlight the crack).

Once these e-mailed photographs are inspected, a Return Authorization Number (RA#) will be issued. Instruments returned without an RA# or prior consent will void the warranty.  All returned instruments MUST be double boxed with the outer carton exceeding the instrument dimensions by at least 1” in all directions.  (Example:  a 22” instrument with a 3” bow/cup would need an outer carton of a minimum of 24” x 24” x 5”). Packing in single boxes or sizes smaller than this will void the warranty.  If you are unsure of the box dimensions needed for returns, Hammerax can instruct when the RA# is issued.

Customers must pay both inbound and outbound shipping and handling charges. In some cases the law also requires duties. In such cases the customer must pay all duties and taxes.

For warranties outside of the USA, contact Hammerax at

* Hammerax reserves the right to pro-rate warranted credit amounts after 1 year.

* Hammerax reserves the right to change the warranty policy without prior notice.


(warranty registration confirms agreement with terms of our policy)


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